In brief: Samsung's DeX platform might not have taken the world by storm, but an in-vehicle version could bring benefits to cops and first responders. Now, the Chicago Police department has announced it will be the first to try out the system.

To recap, DeX allows Galaxy owners to connect their handsets to a monitor or TV, allowing the use of a mouse/keyboard while being able to drag and drop files between a phone and a PC.

Officers from CPD's 11th district will begin testing the in-vehicle version of DeX later this year. It will allow officers to dock their Galaxy smartphones and access police applications on a dash-mounted display and keyboard.

Samsung says police will be able to use the system to access computer-aided dispatch and other CPD systems to conduct background checks and complete reports. They'll also have immediate access to photo and video evidence captured on their Galaxy phones to attach to reports.

"Nearly half of all Chicago Police officers have a department-issued Samsung smartphone already," said CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson. "The pilot we are announcing today will pair these phones with the Samsung DeX in Vehicle solution. The idea is to give officers everything they need to process a scene or respond to an incident in the palm of their hand."

Samsung added that DeX can also be used to replace computing terminals in police stations, which would allow returning officers to connect their phones to a monitor and complete paperwork using the attached keyboard and mouse.

"The old computers had to stay in the cars," said Chief Jonathan Lewin of the CPD Bureau of Technical Services. "With this solution, it really creates an ecosystem that takes all the technology and makes it available to officers on the street in real-time and at significantly less cost than we are paying now."

This isn't Samsung's first entry into law enforcement. It was reported last month that the company's Galaxy S9 phones would be used as body cameras by Colorado deputies.