Why it matters: Microsoft's newly redesigned To Do adds new features and hopes to convince Wunderlist users to switch over. New features include additional personalization options and tighter integration with other Microsoft services.

While Wunderlist technically still exists for download, Microsoft really wants you to switch to its redesigned To Do app. The company unveiled a redesign that harkens back to Wunderlist with a fresh new look and integration with Microsoft's other services.

The primary change is the look and feel. The new app has a reduced header size and is more colorful. There are also more personalization options that allow users set custom backgrounds, including the Berlin TV tower that Wunderlist users will undoubtedly recognize. The design refresh actually looks more like the actual Wunderlist app, which is probably part of the ploy to convert current Wunderlist users. Oh and because it's the hot new trend now, Dark Mode is also an option.

From a feature standpoint, Microsoft is adding tighter integration with its services. Messages from Microsoft-based email accounts like Outlook and Hotmail can be flagged to a task list and Microsoft Planner can be used to populate the Assigned to Me list. The excellent Microsoft Launcher for Android also gains To Do integration as well.

That said, Microsoft more recent push has been to work across platforms. To that end, Microsoft is promising better syncing of lists between devices regardless of platforms. There's also Alexa/Cortana integration that allows you to add tasks using an Amazon Echo. Android and Windows users can switch between personal and work lists. For the security conscious, To Do adds multi-factor authentication for additional peace of mind.

The redesigned To Do app is out now for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web. It seems like a worthwhile update although it still may not be enough to convince the die-hard Wunderlist fans to give it up, especially since the creator of Wunderlist wants to buy it back from Microsoft.