In context: As esports' popularity continues to grow, so does the interest of businesses outside of the purview of the industry. Everyone wants in on the multimillion dollar action including hotels.

Case in point: Construction of the first esports-themed hotel is underway in Osaka, Japan. It will be located in the Nipponbashi District, a hub of geek culture on the island nation.

The nine-story hotel will be called "Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace" in English. It will feature shower facilities on the basement level and no-frills sleeping quarters on floors four through eight. However, the seventh floor will have upscaled suites with in-room gaming PCs.

According to Japanese news outlet Fashion Snap, the main attraction for E-Zone will be located on the hotel's first three floors. This section of the facility will house more than 70 high-end, streaming-ready gaming rigs. Presumably, the hotel planners intend to host tournaments and events.

Conceptual images of the interior and exterior fall in line with the theme with bright neon colors and lighting giving it a somewhat cyberpunk look. The seventh-floor suites have a black and white decor that might give some a headache. However, these are just initial renders at this point and are highly subject to change.

The Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace is slated for an April 2020 opening. Anticipated room rates are not yet available.

Images via E-Zone