If you thought complex strategy games were strictly the domain of PC gamers, Civilization VI developer Firaxis Games has been aiming to prove you wrong as of late. The popular 4X strategy title first stepped out of the PC-exclusive arena with an iPad port in 2017, and more recently, the game made its way to the Switch.

Now, Firaxis has announced its plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4 users as well. This information comes by way of a short announcement trailer showcased during Sony's State of Play livestream today. The trailer doesn't show much actual gameplay, but from what we can tell, Civilization VI's PS4 version appears to offer all of the same core features that its PC variant does.

If we had to guess, we'd say the only noticeable changes will be obvious control scheme differences and perhaps a few visual tweaks. Civilization VI is by no means the most demanding game on the planet, but with the settings cranked up on PC and a lengthy campaign in play, it can put some strain on even a powerful machine. As such, the PS4 version may receive a downgrade or two.

In the event that the base game alone isn't enough for you, Civilization VI's Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm DLCs are available on PS4 as part of a separate "expansion bundle."

Additionally, anyone who purchases Civilization VI on PS4 will get free access to the "Nubia + Khmer and Indonesia" civilization and scenario packs. Firaxis and Sony did not specify whether or not this was a limited-time deal, but given that the game's PS4 port is not yet available for pre-order, we're going to assume it's a permanent fixture.

If you like the idea of starting religions, wiping out barbarians, and conquering (or befriending) other nations from the comfort of your couch, you can look forward to Civilization VI's PS4 port on November 22, 2019. Pre-orders do not appear to be live as of writing, but we'll update this article if anything changes.