Recap: Mozilla launched the first iteration of Firefox Preview back in June. It's powered by Mozilla's own GeckoView which makes Gecko reusable for Android. Mozilla at the time said Firefox Preview is up to twice as fast as previous versions of Firefox for Android.

Mozilla recently updated its experimental Android browser to help users navigate the web faster while protecting their privacy.

With Firefox Preview 2.0, you'll be able to share tabs between devices and have more control in clearing browsing data. For example, it's now possible to delete a specific website from your browsing history while leaving everything else intact.

Mozilla's new browser for early adopters also lets you add website shortcuts and a search widget to your home screen. Along those same lines, you can also launch a private browsing session from the home screen.

Elsewhere, Firefox Preview 2.0 lets you long-press the address bar to copy, paste or paste and go and supports single-tap sign-in to Firefox accounts. Users will also get a notification if audio / video starts playing on a site complete with playback controls, a handy feature if you frequent sites that have auto-playing content. You'll also get access to various accessibility enhancements.

You can grab the latest version of Firefox Preview 2.0 from the Google Play Store or via our download section.

Masthead credit: Mobile Firefox by NYC Russ