A hot potato: Apple during its Apple TV+ streaming event earlier this year said it wanted to change the world through great storytelling. While that vision may be accurate, it appears as though the company doesn't want to ruffle too many industry feathers along the way - a decision that could rub some subscribers the wrong way.

Sources familiar with the matter recently told The Wall Street Journal that Apple plans to debut its original feature-length films in theaters before putting them on Apple TV+. Some films could spend weeks in theaters before transitioning to the streaming service.

Apple's thought process here, sources say, is to avoid tension with Hollywood that companies like Netflix have brought upon themselves by bucking the trend. Furthermore, Apple reportedly believes such a strategy could even help to attract big-name directors and producers who still want to see their films make it to the big screen.

Subscribers, however, may not be as hip to the idea.

Some will see the move as an attempt to double dip by Apple, charging customers at the box office and then again later through Apple TV+.

Those briefed on Apple's plans say the company is more interested in the brand building that comes with a theatrical release rather than the additional income it could great. Being in theaters would also make a film eligible for awards consideration, according to the WSJ.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is the strategy worth it if it'll help Apple attract better talent to make its movies? Should Apple TV+ subscribers get a discount on tickets, or even free admission, for Apple films at the theater? There's still money to be made by the theater through concessions, after all.

Apple TV+ launches on November 1.

Popcorn and soda by Tyler Olson