In context: Netflix struck gold with the release of the original season of Stranger Things back in 2016. It was an instant sensation throughout the US and has gone on to delight millions of viewers with three seasons of intense, nostalgic, and otherworldly 1980s-themed content.

Unfortunately, the third season – without spoiling anything specific – ended on a bit of a bittersweet note. Our heroes (a team of eccentric adults, misfit teenagers, and quirky kids) seem to have prevailed for the time being, but not without a significant cost.

On the bright side, the show is not yet over: Netflix has chosen to renew the incredibly-successful series for a fourth season. We're not sure where the season will take us, or when production on it will be finished, though.

Regardless, if this news alone doesn't excite you, feel free to check out the teaser trailer for the show's fourth season in the Twitter post below. In the teaser, we see the "Stranger Things 4" text appear, and then slowly become engulfed by darkness and tentacles, as the background – the strange place known in-show as the "Upside-Down" – comes into view. Finally, a clock tower's bell tolls, and a message reading "We're not in Hawkins anymore" appears on the screen.

Whether this is a firm statement that the future of the show will largely not take place in the small town we've come to know and love is tough to say – it could just be a playful reference to The Wizard of Oz. At any rate, there also seems to be a strong reference to time (or at least clocks) throughout this tease. Prior to publishing the video above, the Stranger Things Twitter account posted a simple tweet that contained a clock Emoji, and an upside-down smiley (an obvious reference to the Upside-Down).

In the video itself, we see what appears to be a grandfather clock on the left, and as we noted previously, a clock tower sounds off toward the end (not to mention the constant clock ticking noise throughout). What these references mean remains to be seen, but we're certainly excited to find out when the Stranger Things story continues in the future.