WTF?! Rosi Gladwell, who hails from Totnes, Devon, in Southwest England, came under the spotlight recently for having diagnosed herself with sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. From protection against Wi-Fi, TV and other EMF sources, she bought a £200 ($245) hand-held radiation detector and a £400 ($491) sleeping bag woven with silver and copper that she uses with a protective sheet to shield herself. She's also been campaigning to educate others regarding the dangers of Wi-Fi and is worried about the future where 5G adoption will become widespread.

Rosi says that she feels weak, short of breath and gets pins and needles in her face due to EMF radiation emitted from Wi-Fi sources. Self-diagnosed with EMF sensitivity over six years ago, Rosi turned off the Wi-Fi and cordless landline phones in her home and says to have felt better 10 minutes after doing so.

After coming to know of her allergy, she decided to spend most of her time in Spain's southern coast of Andalusia, where she and her husband live in their holiday home. During their 30-hour ferry trips across the Mediterranean, Rosi also uses her copper sleeping bag for protection, which she says is essential for a good night's sleep.

She has been campaigning on educating others of the dangers of Wi-Fi for quite some time. In 2016, she approached her local mayor, Matia Gonzales Braos of Polopos in Granada, Andalusia, and had a meeting discussing the removal of Wi-Fi from the town.

"I am immensely impressed with our local mayor and how seriously he is taking this," she told Olive Press at the time. "When talking about the dangers of WiFi technology, he came up with the idea of limiting the hours of access in the village by putting timer switches on the routers in the school, Town Hall and doctor's surgery."

Rosi also avoids big towns, busy restaurants and has a two-day TV detox when she feels like being exposed for too long. She also prefers to sit outside in cafes and also brings her radiation detector along to dinner to help her choose a seating place with the least amount of radiation as it "varies so much in a room."

Regarding health scares looming over the widespread adoption of 5G, Rosi calls it a "really scary issue" and says she's "quite frightened about the future." Although at the moment, she considers herself to be safe by "being fortunate enough to live in a house in the countryside where there are no measured electromagnetic frequencies."

A leading member of the Electromagnetic Field Awareness Totnes group, Rosi is among 12 other members who meet up to watch films and documentaries about the effects of radiation. "There may be many more EMF-sensitive people in Totnes who feel so weak they can't come," she says, adding that nowadays "everyone feels exhausted and stressed out, and some of it is, in my view, down to the extent of radiation."