Facepalm: Oh, Microsoft. Why can’t you release an update that doesn’t cause more problems than it fixes? The Redmond’s firm’s latest cumulative update doesn’t just fail to address the recent printer issues—caused by another security fix—but introduces new printer, boot, and Start Menu issues.

It was reported last week that September’s second non-security patch, KB4517211, fixed a number of issues, including one in which audio in certain games was quieter. But not for the first time, it caused new problems, especially for HP printers.

Microsoft has released a new patch, KB4524147, which, among other things, will “correct a recent printing issue some users have experienced.” According to Bleeping Computer, however, it not only fails to correct the printing issue but also causes working printers to break.

That’s not the only problem the update has introduced. Some users have reported their Start Menu is crashing with a Critical Error message stating, "Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in." Incredibly, this is the same issue many people experienced after installing the KB4515384 patch at the start of September, which was supposed to address a problem with Cortana and CPU spikes.

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, think again. Some readers say the update has stopped them from being able to boot to Windows 10. "This update totally screwed up my computer, Microsoft repair screen at start up. None of their auto fixes work!!! " wrote one understandably angry commentator.

Last week it was speculated that the printer fix would bring extra problems. Now, it seems introducing new issues has become the standard for Windows 10 updates. While not everyone is affected, praying that the latest ‘fix’ doesn’t break your computer isn’t helping Microsoft’s reputation.