Facepalm: Can Microsoft release a bug-fixing update for Windows 10 without it causing new problems? Apparently not, it seems, as yet again the company has released a cumulative update that breaks something else. This time, it's printers that have been affected.

As reported by Windows Latest, September's second non-security patch, KB4517211, fixed a number of problems, including one in which audio in certain games was quieter.

Not for the first time, users have reported that the patch has fixed one issue while causing others. Specifically, some HP printers are being affected, though it seems to have hit some other brands, too.

On Microsoft's community forum and feedback hub, one user wrote: "After installing kb4517211 the print spooler kept crashing. Uninstalling the update and rebooting resolved the issue. Reinstalled to test and print spooler crashes resumed. In addition, the Start button would not work and reported a critical error. Uninstalling the update again fixed the problem. This is on Win 10 1903 RTM."

Another user on Microsoft's Answers.com site said they were experiencing similar problems with their HP Officejet Pro 8210 printer after installing the update.

As noted by Techradar, the patch isn't just interfering with HP printers, though they seem to be most susceptible. Some users have reported issues with PDF printer drivers and Kyocera network printers.

This isn't a new situation for Microsoft, of course. Earlier this month, the company released the KB4515384 patch that addressed a problem with Cortana and spikes in CPU usage. While it did correct the issue, the update resulted in some Start menu searches bringing up blank windows, while others saw a Critical Error warning that informed them 'Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.'

It's likely that Microsoft's next patch will fix the printer problem---and probably break something else.

Image credit: Arsenii Palivoda via Shutterstock