Bottom line: 'Mobile gaming' and 'Call of Duty' might exude an equal amount of love and hate in the gaming community but their marriage seems to be a very successful one for Activision and developer Tencent, who saw the game reach 100 million downloads in its launch week.

Considering that Call of Duty: Mobile hasn't even launched in China yet (where it was developed), there seems to be enough milk in the cow for Activision's franchise to see it get the best launch of any mobile game, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower.

More than half of these figures came from iOS (56.9 million, 55.7 percent) and the remaining from Android. The US led other countries in terms of downloads (17.3 million), followed by 13.7 million in India and Brazil coming in third with 7.1 million downloads. "This is by far the largest mobile game launch in history in terms of the player base that's been built in the first week," said Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower.

The game launched on October 1st and had already amassed over 35 million downloads within four days of release. It has also ranked No.1 in over 100 countries across app stores, excluding regions of Mainland China, Vietnam and China.

In terms of player spending, the title brought in $17.7 million of average gross revenue during its first week as US players lead the way with $7.6 million. Japan came in second with $2.4 million and Brazil was third, where players spent $848,000 on the game.

It remains to be seen if the mobile game can retain or improve upon this huge playerbase as fans of the franchise look forward to this year's reboot of the Modern Warfare experience that's coming on October 25th.