In only a few years Luminar has become one of the most popular photo editing programs and a true challenger to Adobe Lightroom as the default option for those taking their image editing more seriously.

What happens when you take the perfect photo, only to have it ruined by an eyesore in the background? Luminar 3 can help you perfect these types of photos, whether you're a professional or an amateur smartphone picture taker. This award-winning photography software is available now in the TechSpot Store for just $29, 57% off the usual price for a limited time.

Luminar 3 is available for Windows and macOS, you get a lifetime license from the one-time fee (no subscriptions like Adobe). Highlights include:

  • Easily erase unwanted objects & strangers
  • Add volumetric lighting to create beautiful beams of light in your images
  • Make your photos sharper & clearer
  • Brings a warm sunlight effect to your photos
  • Get rid of the digital noise on your photos
  • Use Structure to increase contrast & bring out more details in a photo
  • Create a feeling of lightness in your photos using Soft Glow

Luminar 3 lets you edit your photos with ease, allowing you to easily erase unwanted and unsightly objects. Aside from cleaning up your photographs, it provides simple ways to make your photos sharper and clearer. And just one slider can make dozens of adjustments with Accent AI 2.0. No tricky tools or confusing grids to work with.

A "human-aware" technology recognizes people and applies adjustments selectively in your snaps, giving you realistic and beautiful results. The Structure tool helps increase the contrast and bring out the gorgeous details of your captures. And there are also 70 instant looks hand-crafted by pro photographers.

Turn your photos into works of art with Luminar 3 in the TechSpot Store today. It's available for $29 (down from the usual $69) for a limited time.

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