Highly anticipated: Death Stranding was announced as a "console exclusive" for PlayStation 4, but apparently exclusive only applies to consoles in this case. While the Xbox and Switch will never see the title, PC gamers are in luck. The title will grace computer screens next summer.

Pay no attention to the "Only on PlayStation" claim on its reveal trailer (below tweet). Death Stranding might be a PS4 exclusive, but not for long. Hideo Kojima's brainchild is heading to PC next year. In a tweet early Monday morning, Kojima Productions announced that Death Stranding will hit computers in the "early summer of 2020."

Publisher 505 Games is heading up the port but has not announced which digital storefront will host the launch of the PC version. Back in September, Epic paid 505 Games a $10.5 million guaranteed revenue return to release the PC version of its hit game Control exclusively in the Epic Games Store.

There is no guarantee 505 will score another multi-million dollar prepayment from one of the various storefronts. Still, Death Stranding seems to be a more hotly anticipated title than Control, if only for the massive press coverage that it has gotten.

Despite Kojima's deal with Sony, we saw this coming. Death Stranding is a game meant to be run on high-end PC hardware. It stars actor Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame, with cameos from the likes of Guillermo del Toro, Troy Baker, Lindsay Wagner, and even Conan O'Brien. A dedicated gaming rig is the only thing that can do this title proper justice.

That is not to say it will not look good on the PlayStation 4. In fact, it looks stunning. It's just that as long as the port is handled right, this game could and should (on decent hardware) put the PS4 visuals to shame.

Death Stranding on PS4 launches next week on November 8. PC players who don't want the game spoiled had better be ready to put on their blinders until next summer.