Rumor mill: Hideo Kojima's next masterpiece has been getting a lot of hype on its exclusivity with PlayStation 4. However, he originally alluded that it would come out on PC too. An Italian journalist who appears to have insider knowledge on the title says a PC version as all but "100%" assured.

According to Antonio Fucito, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding will eventually come to the PC. Fucito's sources were proven sound after he tweeted the game's November 8 release date a full 24 hours before the trailer announcing it was posted.

Now he is saying that Death Stranding is only a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive.

While commenting on the trailer during a Twitch stream (clip below) on Wednesday, Fucito reflected on why the box art did not feature the "Only on PlayStation" branding.

"The PS4 cover didn't have the 'Only on PS' label because DS it's coming to PC at a later date," he explained. "That's the deal signed between Kojima and Sony. The game will be a timed PS4 exclusive and will be available on PC later on (won't be available on Xbox). I don't know if it's a 6 or 12 months exclusive" [translation via Resetera].

He bases his presumption on the fact that when Death Stranding was initially announced, it was to come out first on PlayStation then PC. However, since that time Sony has become more involved with the title, even lending it the Guerrilla Games proprietary Decima Engine. Sony's heavy involvement throws some mud in the water as to whether or not it will make it to the PC.

Since it is now locked into using an engine owned by Guerrilla Games, Kojima Productions is pretty much at the mercy of Sony, which owns Guerrilla. It would not take any effort on Sony's part to flex its muscles and make Death Stranding a full-on PS exclusive.

Fucito has since responded to this rumor saying the Resetera translation of what he said was "lazy." He clarified that what he meant was that based on all the information that we have so far --- the lack of the exclusivity logo on the box, and the 2015 initial announcements --- he is still pretty sure the title will make it to PC.

"It's not 100% confirmed like the release date I knew about and some other informations [sic] I didn't share yet," he tweeted indicating that he still has details that we have not yet heard.

So if you have been disappointed, thinking Death Stranding will never see a PC release, don't give up hope just yet. As long as Sony doesn't throw its weight around by leveraging the Decima Engine, we should expect Kojima to stand by his original statements. Don't count on an Xbox version though.