The big picture: We're rapidly approaching the era of mega bundles in which companies will grant access to multiple services at a discounted rate in hopes of winning your business. So long as the offers include access to services you'd actually use, it's tough to see a fault in the approach from a consumer standpoint.

Hailee Steinfeld, star of Apple TV's upcoming series Dickinson, recently revealed in an Instagram story that Apple Music student plan subscribers will receive Apple TV+ free of charge.

Details are a bit on the light side at this hour but according to Engadget, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed the offering, adding that it'll be available to new subscribers "for a limited time." Existing Apple Music student plan members will also qualify for the promotion. Access will reportedly run through the life of the student account, ending once a user graduates / drops out / elects to cancel their subscription voluntarily.

An Apple Music student subscription offers access to the tech giant's music streaming service at a discounted rate of $4.99 per month for up to 48 months (freshman through senior year of college). A standard individual account normally retails for $9.99 per month.

Reports that Apple was attempting to convince record labels to let them bundle Apple Music with Apple TV+ surfaced earlier this month. It's unclear if this latest development is evidence of progress in those discussions or if Apple is simply taking the full financial hit with the student bundle in order to spread the word about Apple TV+ as quickly as possible.