Why it matters: Netflix has never been one to shy away from adding innovative features to its service, and while this latest tool is more of a jokey implementation, it's still quite interesting. In Seth Meyers' new stand-up show, viewers will be able to skip any jokes about Donald Trump by pressing a button.

The feature will appear in Meyers' Netflix special, Lobby Baby. It works in the same way as the service's 'skip intro,' jumping past anything the comedian says about Trump.

"It dawned on me that because it was on Netflix, there would be this opportunity to put in technology that would allow people to skip it," Meyers told CNN Business. "It was a way to build in the response to anyone who would say, 'Oh, let me guess there's going to be jokes about the President.'"

The button is a one-off and isn't meant to be taken seriously---most people who are offended by Trump jokes are unlikely to watch the show---but it's still a clever feature that could eventually find uses elsewhere.

Meyers himself doesn't expect people to use the button. "I think, look, sometimes at a fancy restaurant they'll put parsley on your plate and you'll think, well, that's a nice touch, but you're not going to eat the parsley," he said.

Netflix's other experiments in recent times include choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. It's also testing a feature that allows some Android phone users to speed up TV shows or movies.

Lobby Baby is now available on Netflix.