San Francisco-based e-cigarette users will likely be disappointed to hear that the city's residents have voted to place heavier restrictions on the devices beginning next year. E-cigarette makers will be required to receive FDA approval before they can sell their products in the city, which could effectively ban the sale of many such devices – no e-cigarette products sold in San Francisco have received that approval yet.

These sales restrictions will come amidst increased pressure from regulators against e-cig and vape makers like Juul. These companies have been accused of introducing more minors to the world of tobacco addiction, and states like San Francisco have taken it upon themselves to address the problem.

San Francisco's new rules have been a long time coming. The regulations came about back in June (when they were first approved by the city's mayor) but they'd been in the works for months prior.

Shortly after the mayor's approval, Proposition C was introduced; a ballot measure (once heavily supported by Juul) that could have overturned the sale and distribution restrictions (while bringing some alternate rules in their place).

However, San Franciscan voters have largely voted against Proposition C, which means the original rules will take effect as planned. The specific enforcement date for the rules is January 1, 2020, so if you're a San Francisco resident who buys e-cigarettes regularly, it might be in your best interest to stock up now.

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