WTF?! A boxing fight between popular YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul saw many people tuning in for the much hyped event. Given that viewing rights of the match were restricted behind a paywall, a guy came up with a simple, yet effective way, to illegally stream the fight. He put a YouTube livestream of himself watching the event and 11,000 people joined him in the action through the reflection of his glasses.

"Stop moving your head..." said one commentator on a man's livestream, as he filmed himself watching the weekend boxing fight between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Ironically, the platform of choice for the illegal livestream was also YouTube, where it was viewed by 11,000 people who likely had to focus a bit more than usual to work out the action from the reflection of the streamer's glasses.

Both KSI and Logan Paul, who were competing for the 'YouTube championship belt,' share a controversial history on the video platform, and their past rivalries have been said to fetch quite big audiences.

It's also why promoters of these popular events have raised piracy concerns and limited viewership to pay-per-view only. However, disgruntled fans have protested by resorting to the pirating seas of torrents and by sharing illegal stream links of these events.

Although such links are usually brought down soon enough, watching paywalled content through a glasses' reflection in a livestream shows people's creativity and the lengths they're willing to go to get what they want.

The duo's latest fight saw KSI emerge as the winner, as could be said of those who streamed the match illegally in the perpetual and complex fight between piracy and (broadcasting) copyrights.