Something to look forward to: Every year sees smartphones adopt new trends. From non-removable batteries to slim bezels to notches, it's often the case that once one company adds a feature, others follow. Now, it seems high refresh rate displays are becoming all the rage, with the Galaxy S11 likely to have a 120Hz screen.

The news comes from prolific leaker Ice universe, who tweeted that an unknown user had found a setting in the beta of Samsung's One UI 2.0 that lets users choose between 60Hz, 120Hz, or automatically switch between the two---letting the phone alternate between the two refresh rates based on what's being shown will save on battery life. It's the same feature found on the Pixel 4, though it picks between 60Hz and 90Hz, and it initially had some issues.

A Galaxy Note 9 user discovered the option, but no current Samsung handset supports a 120Hz refresh rate, which is why the setting is hidden. So why would it be there at all? The obvious answer would be that Samsung is implementing the feature in an upcoming new phone, probably the Galaxy S11, which is rumored to arrive on February 18 next year.

We've already seen 120Hz displays on phones from Razer and Asus, and it's rumored that the 2020 iPhones will sport the refresh rate. 90Hz is also becoming a popular option, with Google, Oppo, and OnePlus all adopting it for some of their devices.

We'll likely learn more about the Galaxy S11 at next year's Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.