In a nutshell: With the Steam Winter Sale on the way, it’s easy to forget that other online stores also offer seasonal discount events. One of these is the Humble Store, which not only has two of the best PC games in recent times on offer but is also giving away a free title.

The Humble Store’s Fall Sale, which is on now and ends on December 3 at 10 AM PT, includes discounts on Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Outer Worlds—both fairly new games.

Rockstar’s cowboy epic has had its share of technical problems on the PC, though a recent patch promises to fix most of these issues. The Humble Store’s 20 percent discount knocks the game’s price down to $48—not a huge drop, but everyone can appreciate saving some money.

Next is the excellent The Outer Worlds. Obsidian’s RPG was the second best-selling game in the US last month, only losing out to the latest Call of Duty entry, and now you can save 25 percent by grabbing it for $45.

It’s not often you see games that have been out for just a few weeks receive sale discounts. There are also plenty of other enticing offers, including Borderlands 3 (33 percent off), Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (55 percent off), and Planet Coaster (70 percent off).

For those who want a real bargain, the site is giving away a completely free game—Serial Cleaner—to those who subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter. Described as a story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game set in 1970s America, it’s your job to clean up murder scenes by disposing of bodies, cleaning up blood, and hiding evidence. It’s free for two more days (November 24, 10 AM PT), so best hurry if you want it gratis.