Something to look forward to: Curiously enough, T-Mobile made no claims regarding speed in its press release. We know it will be slower than 5G service offered by the competition but how will it compare to modern 4G LTE? We should find out within the week.

T-Mobile on Monday flipped the switch on its 5G network which the carrier says covers more than 200 million people across 5,000+ cities and towns nationwide. In total, more than one million square miles are blanketed in coverage, we’re told.

T-Mobile’s new 5G network is of the 600MHz “low-band” variety. This means that, while it has better range than the 5G millimeter wave tech we’ve seen from competitors like Verizon, it won’t be as fast. The Verge likens it to an enhanced version of the LTE spectrum we’re accustomed to.

From December 6, T-Mobile’s 5G network will also be available to Metro by T-Mobile prepaid customers.

Today’s news is really little more than a paper launch considering there are no phones available to take advantage of T-Mobile’s new network. Two handsets are inbound, however, in the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren and the Note10+ 5G at $899.99 and $1,299, respectively, but those aren’t scheduled to launch until December 6.

On a positive note, you can nab a free OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren (with 24 bill credits) when you switch to T-Mobile and trade in an eligible phone. Similarly, you can get a Note10+ 5G (again, with 24 bill credits) when you buy another and add a line of service.