In brief: Cadillac Live launched in the US on Monday. With it, potential buyers can get a close-up look at 10 Cadillac models and speak with a live product rep equipped to answer vehicle and purchase-consideration questions. Lots of car buyers start their research online and in this day and age of digital connectivity, such a service seems like a natural fit.

Cadillac earlier this year launched a live virtual showroom for Canadian customers. One part personal shopper, one part interactive digital showroom, the feature allows potential buyers to conduct a one-way video chat with a product specialist so they can learn more about specific Cadillac vehicles from the comfort of their own home.

Seemingly a success, the service is now migrating south of the border for American shoppers.

Unfortunately, it's really only for lead generation / to educate shoppers as you'll still need to visit a local dealership to schedule a test drive and to complete a transaction.

Those interested in a vehicle from the luxury division of General Motors can schedule a chat with a live agent between the hours of 9am through 1am Eastern on Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm Eastern on Fridays and 11am through 7pm ET on weekends. Again, you'll still need to reach out to your local dealership to move forward with the buying process but at least you'll be able to do so without going in blindly.