What just happened? Hello Games on Monday surprised players with an unexpected update that adds a powerful audio creation application to No Man's Sky. It's called the ByteBeat Device and this fully functional synthesizer is ready to get the party started.

Hello Games founder Sean Murry said one of the frequent requests they get is the ability to add sounds and music during the base construction phase. When one of their coders recently became obsessed with making an audio creation tool, well... they couldn't hamper that sort of internal creativity and decided to run with it.

Like the style of music it is named after, the ByteBeat Device utilizes mathematical operators to produce audio. It will immediately start to churn out sound when added to your base and powered, with the system handling all of the mathematical heavy lifting by default.

Those who want to dig a bit deeper can manipulate note sequences, rhythms and raw sounds. From the Sequencer UI, you can even adjust the octave, key and tempo as well as modify the melody and drums.

The ByteBeat isn't a standalone device, either. By snapping multiple units together or connecting them via a new type of cable, you can create layered tracks for more complex arrangements. And with the new ByteBeat Switch, you can power other devices like lights that sync up with the rhythm of your track.

Update 2.24 is now live across all platforms. In addition to the aforementioned ByteBeat device, the update adds a number of additional improvements and irons out several bugs. The full patch notes can be found over on the official No Man's Sky website.