Why it matters: Though the Cyberpunk media genre is picking up some steam lately, it's still pretty underrepresented in comparison to other film or game categories (such as superhero flicks and military shooters). Though it's not strictly new, CD Projekt Red's GOG division has decided to add onto the growing pile of cyberpunk content with a classic that was thought to be lost to time: 1997's Blade Runner PC game.

The game was first developed by Westwood about 22 years ago, and it was one of the best glimpses we'd ever gotten into the dystopian Blade Runner universe (until Blade Runner 2049 arrived in theaters, anyway).

Unfortunately, it had been stuck in "legal limbo" for the better part of those two decades, making it difficult for anyone or any studio to bring it back to life.

However, the wizards over at GOG have done just that. The game is now available for purchase completely DRM-free on GOG.com, and it's optimized for modern PCs. This means it should theoretically run without any emulators or headaches on your part.

Humble as ever, GOG isn't taking full credit for the game's revival. In a press release announcing the news, the company said none of this would have been possible without the excellent community behind ScummVM; a program that allows you to run "certain" classic point-and-click games on modern systems.

We've covered ScummVM, particularly ScummVM's relatively-new support for Westwood's Blade Runner, in the past -- in short, it's quite the impressive project, though it has some limitations. For example, you need a copy of the original game to take advantage of its functionality.

At any rate, users don't need to worry about that now. If a classic point-and-click adventure game set in the Blade Runner universe sounds like your cup of tea, you can grab the game right now on GOG. It's even 10 percent off as part of the platform's ongoing Winter Sale, which brings the price down to about $9.