What just happened? Researchers at ETH Zurich and FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland have figured out a way to make chocolate shimmer with a rainbow-like glow without the use of artificial additives.

It all started with a group of researchers discussing chocolate during their coffee break. Specifically, they wondered if it might be possible to create colored chocolate and set about researching the topic. They stumbled upon - but ultimately rejected - a method that involved applying an edible coating to chocolate as it would be too complex and time consuming for mass production.

Next, they decided to try to make an impression at the surface level and after a few attempts, it worked.

Further refining the process, they were able to go from a slight shimmer to a full-on glow. The technique is similar to how a chameleon's skin modifies light to exhibit different colors.

The team is wasting little time in monetizing the process. They are working to create a mold that will allow them to imprint multiple pieces of chocolate at once. Furthermore, they are actively holding discussions with major chocolate producers and even hope to launch a spin-off company soon. That means that you may soon be able to purchase chocolate sporting this very technique from your local grocery store.