Why it matters: Samsung broke into the AirPod-like wireless earbud game just a couple months ago with the launch of its 'Galaxy Buds,' but now, reports suggest a new version of the device is already on its way.

This information comes from a recent set of Buds-related FCC documents filed by Samsung. According to the filings in question, the new Buds (model number SM-R175) could feature some significant improvements to battery life on launch.

Sketches accompanying the FCC documents reveal that the new Galaxy Buds case could have a battery life of 600mA. The earbuds, on the other hand, are rated for a battery capacity of 300mA, which will probably be about 150mA per Bud.

As Droid Life points out, it might be wise to take these numbers with a grain of salt for now. Before the first-gen Galaxy Buds released, similar FCC filings suggested they'd have 150mA earbud battery life and 500mA case life. Unfortunately, the finished product saw cutbacks in this area, bringing those numbers down to 100mA and 400mA, respectively.

However, it seems unlikely that these new figures will follow suit -- if they shrink much more, they won't be offering much of an improvement over the first-gen Galaxy Buds, which would take away a bit of marketing ammunition from Samsung. Still, we obviously can't make any promises based on such early and vague FCC filings, so we'll have to wait and see how things go.

We're unsure what other changes are coming with the next generation of Samsung's Galaxy Buds (if any), but we'll let you know when new information comes to light.

Masthead credit: Digital Trends