What just happened? The pinball aces at Stern Pinball have put the finishing touches on a new series of Stranger Things-themed machines that are now available in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition flavors.

Pinball machines have been around for decades, populating arcades around the globe before largely being phased out by video game cabinets starting in the late 70s. What you may not know is that there is still a surprisingly dedicated community involved in the preservation of classic machines and the creation of entirely new ones using modern technology.

These new Stranger Things machines certainly fall into the latter category.

As IGN highlights, standout features include a projector system that animates ramps, a screen and other targets on the main playfield and a magnetic, hovering ball lock inspired by Eleven's in-show telekinesis powers. The games also use clips and speech from scenes in the first two seasons as well as custom audio content, we're told.

Interested parties can nab a new Stranger Things pinball machine from writing although you'll need to part with a significant amount of money to do so. The entry-level Pro model starts at $6,099 with the Premium variant commanding $7,600 and the Limited Edition going for $9,099.

The latter is limited to just 500 examples and is sure to become a collector's item down the line.