In brief: The Epic Games Store had a solid first year as the developer revealed on Tuesday. The digital video game storefront now has 108 million PC customers that collectively spent $680 million over the course of 2019, $251 million of which was dedicated to third-party PC games.

The developer further revealed that it has fully funded over $23 million in coupons and discounts.

The most popular titles on the platform, in no particular order, include World War Z, Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, Satisfactory, Dauntless, Untitled Goose Game, The Outer Worlds, Control and The Division 2.

Free game offerings are also popular on the Epic Games Store. Since its inception, there have been 73 free offerings totaling $1,455 in value that have been claimed more than 200 million times. And they’re not usually crap games, either, as the average user score across the freebies is 80 percent.

Best yet, Epic announced that its weekly free game program will be continuing throughout 2020. Each week, you’ll be able to score a free game from the store and once it has been claimed, it is yours to keep forever.

The Epic Store is off to a great start but it has a long way to go before it rivals Valve’s Steam. In 2017, Steam generated a whopping $4.3 billion, half of which came from just 100 games.