In context: We here at TechSpot are no strangers to covering expensive tech gadgets. The average smartphone can easily cost upwards of $1,000 these days, and various "luxury" device brands love to charge thousands of dollars for their latest products, even if the specifications and features don't merit that sort of premium.

For better or worse, we've got another such device to talk about today. High-end clothing company Louis Vuitton has partnered up with Master & Dynamic to release the next generation of the former's "Horizon Earphones."

In case you weren't aware, the Horizon Earphones are Louis Vuitton's take on the truly-wireless earbud craze. They're small, portable, flashy, and of course, expensive, which is pretty much what you should expect from this company.

The new Horizon Earphones aren't much different from a visual perspective. Their design has been tweaked a bit, with an embellished Louis Vuitton logo and brand name emblazoned on the side, but other than that, they look pretty much the same. There are a few more color and style options available, though, for both the Earphones themselves and their carrying case.

However, there are a few functional upgrades to speak of. For starters, the new Horizon Earphones feature wireless induction charging capabilities for added convenience, improved noise cancellation, Ambient Listening Mode to let you hear your surroundings while still listening to audio, and significantly improved battery life.

The case alone can now hold up to 20 hours of charge (up from 10 hours in the previous model), and the Earphones can run for 10 hours before they'll need more juice. The right and left buds have 10mm beryllium drivers, they can be used independently, and both feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Sounds great, right? Well, as we said before, Louis Vuitton's original Horizon Earphones didn't come cheap, and their newest iteration is no different. If you want to snag a pair, they'll run you a whopping $1,000, which is the same price as their previous model.

Given that the Horizon Earphones are effectively just a tweaked version of Master & Dynamic's MW07 Plus earphones, which are a fraction of the price at $299, we don't expect many people to rush out and buy Louis Vuitton's new gadget. However, the original version clearly did well enough financially to warrant a new model, so perhaps we're wrong.

Either way, we'd love to hear what our readers think of the tech industry's latest overpriced gadget. Do you think the earphones look good enough to warrant their price tag? Let us know in the comments.