In brief: Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has put out a teaser for a new horror game currently in-development at the Xbox Game Studio.

A few seconds into the teaser and the seemingly unknown character reflecting off the walls probably reveals one of the many illusions in the mental health-focused game, Project: Mara.

Developer Ninja Theory has already explored the topic in its highly-praised Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice and has a sequel in the works for the next-gen Xbox and PC. Project: Mara, however, will be a "real-world and grounded representation of true mental terror," notes the studio.

The game is said to have just a single character and location, according to studio co-founder, Tameem Antoniades, with storytelling based on "real lived experience accounts and in-depth research" for a realistic and accurate representation of the horrors of the mind.

Ninja Theory also notes that the game will be an "experimental title and a showcase of what could become a new immersive storytelling medium.” Apart from its psychological-themed single-player games, the studio has a funky 4v4 multiplayer brawler, Bleeding Edge, that's scheduled to release on March 24, 2020.