In brief: More than 10 percent of developers questioned for the annual Game Developers Conference State of the Industry survey said they are currently working on games for next-gen consoles.

Breaking it down, a full 11 percent of respondents said their current project is being developed for the PlayStation 5 while nine percent are working on projects for Microsoft's Xbox Series X. By comparison, 59 percent of those polled have projects in the works for PC while 39 percent are developing mobile titles.

In what may come as a surprise to some, support for streaming services remains nascent. Only six percent of those surveyed said they are developing for Google Stadia and just three percent are investing effort into titles for Microsoft's Project xCloud.

GDC organizers have made a point to ask developers about which "immersive reality" technology they believe will be dominant in five years. Augmented reality is usually the top answer, as it was again this year, but the margin has narrowed.

Last year, only 19 percent of those polled believed virtual reality would be the dominant vision tech in five years. In 2020, that figure jumped to 25 percent although as mentioned, AR still won out with 32 percent of respondents believing it will prove most popular in half a decade.

For what it's worth, 19 percent said they expect AR and VR to be equally as popular. Meanwhile, 16 percent said they didn't think either tech would be important in five years while six percent said they flat out didn't know.

The 2020 Game Developers Conference kicks off on March 16 and runs through March 20 in San Francisco. You can read more from the eighth annual State of the Industry survey by downloading a copy for free.

Masthead credit: VR by Yuganov Konstantin. Stadia by Cody Engel.