In context: Stadia hasn't quite taken off like Google hoped it would, if its player numbers across some titles are anything to go by. Take the now free-to-play Destiny 2, for example – whereas other platforms had hundreds of thousands of players each as of a few weeks ago, Stadia's player count sat at a mere 11.6 thousand.

Of course, that figure isn't representative of the entire Stadia userbase, but the cloud gaming platform clearly hasn't taken the world by storm just yet. There are several reasons for this, but a limited game library is probably one of the key factors.

Compared to consoles or even digital distribution platforms like Steam, Stadia's game line-up is relatively small – it has roughly 42 games at the moment, and some of them aren't even released yet (like Cyberpunk 2077 or Watch Dogs: Legion).

However, Google hopes to improve the situation this year. Throughout 2020, Google wants to add more than 120 new titles to Stadia, in addition to ten new platform-exclusive games set for launch in the "first half" of the year. We don't know what those exclusives will be, but Google is currently in talks with its partners to share more information "soon."

On top of that, 2020 will bring a few other long-awaited features to the Stadia ecosystem. To name a few, 4K game streaming and "further Assistant functionality" will arrive for the Stadia web client, and Google wants to add in support for "additional" Android phones (we're not sure what models they have in mind, though).

Image credit: Cody Engel via Shutterstock