In brief: Cisco Systems has appointed AMD president and CEO Lisa Su to its board of directors effective immediately. It's a big get for Cisco as Su is one of the most respected members of the semiconductor industry.

Su, who also serves on AMD's board, joined the chipmaker in 2012 and was promoted from chief operating officer to president and CEO in October 2014. She has authored an incredible turnaround that has the company trading at more than $50 per share, up from less than $3 a share when she first took the helm.

AMD's resurgence has also renewed its rivalry with Intel, forcing Chipzilla to put its best foot forward after years of ho-hum releases. The chipmaker even highlighted these competitive challenges in an internal memo that found its way to Reddit last summer.

As Tom's Hardware highlights, Cisco's press release was light on details and doesn't mention Su's compensation package. The publication did reach out to AMD and confirmed that her role as CEO and her seat on the chipmaker's board won't be affected by her new role with Cisco.

Su is an active member in Silicon Valley, additionally serving as the Chair of the Global Semiconductor Alliance and is on the board of directors for the Semiconductor Industry Association.

AMD is expected to share its most recent earnings report after the markets close later today.