Something to look forward to: If you like stealthy, turn-based, tactical combat, the developers of Mutant Year Zero have your bag. Corruption 2029 is set to release in a couple of weeks. Have your cloaking device ready because one false move could alert the enemy and significantly make your job harder.

The Bearded Ladies, the studio behind Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, announced its next game on Friday. Corruption 2029 is another tactical adventure the team has been quietly developing since MYZ released just over a year ago. Judging by the reveal trailer (below), many of the elements from the studio's previous effort have carried over to the new game, including the stealth and cover mechanics.

Corruption 2029 is set in a post-apocalyptic America in the year 2029, as the title denotes. Instead of talking animals, players will be in control of a squad of futuristic, augmented super soldiers. Like its predecessor, there will be a heavy focus on stealth tactics.

The mission: To infiltrate "deep into enemy territory to discover the cause of the corruption" that has laid waste to the country. It will not be easy, though. The developers claim this newest game will be harder than most other tactical strategy games.

"Corruption 2029 is a hardcore tactical game that should test the mettle of even the most experienced tactical gamers," says the game's Epic Store page.

This is not unusual for the team, as MYZ was pretty "hardcore" as well.

"Fail to fell a lone foe in the first turn and they'll yell for help, or resort to high-damage options such as assault rifles and grenades and everyone's gonna know about it," Rock Paper Shotgun said in its Mutant Year Zero review. "You need to not pull the trigger unless you're sure you can finish the job silently, in a single turn. It's unfailingly difficult because enemies almost always have more hitpoints than your silenced weapons have standard damage, but it's such a thrill."

It looks like more of the same with a different story and coat of paint, which is not a bad thing.

Corruption 2029 is slated to launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store on February 17 for $20. Pre-orders are available now, but it looks like there are no perks for purchasing early.