In a nutshell: Capcom has updated the list of its best-selling games of all time. Not too surprisingly, Monster Hunter: World sits in the number one spot, having sold 14.9 million units as of December 31, 2019. That's almost double the number of sales by second-place Resident Evil 5.

Capcom's top ten games are dominated by the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter games, with total sales for the latter series reaching 60 million. The only title in the top ten that's not part of the two franchises is the original 1992 SNES release of Street Fighter 2, which is at number five with 6.3 million sales.

We also see that the excellent Resident Evil 7 is now the third best-selling entry in the series. Back in 2018, the critically acclaimed game had sold 5.1 million copies---2 million fewer than the panned Resident Evil 6. The figures saw Capcom confess that it values quality and critical acclaim over financial success when it comes to its games. Now, however, fourth-place Resi 7 is just 400,000 units short of catching up with Resi 6, which is the third best-seller.

Resident Evil 2 takes up both the sixth and seventh slots, though it's the 2019 remake that sits above the PlayStation original. Last year's game has sold 5.8 million copies, almost a million more than the 1998 title.

Further down the chart, Devil May Cry 5's 3.1 million sales puts it in the 19th spot, making it the most successful entry in the long-running franchise.

Capcom's ten best-selling games of all time:

1) Monster Hunter World: 14.9 million
2) Resident Evil 5 (PS3/360 version): 7.6 million
3) Resident Evil 6 (PS3/360 version): 7.4 million
4) Resident Evil 7: 7 million
5) Street Fighter 2 (SNES): 6.3 million
6) Resident Evil 2 Remake: 5.8 million
7) Resident Evil 2 (PS1): 4.96 million
8) Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP): 4.9 million
9) Monster Hunter Generations (3DS): 4.3 million
10) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS): 4.2 million