In context: The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim is a great action RPG, but it has often been justifiably criticized for its weak NPC AI. Non-player characters are often seen walking into walls, repeating dialogue, and generally having a hard time with player interactions and pathfinding.

Skyrim's AI can be annoying while playing the game, but it is hilarious when acted out in real life. A TikTok user going by the handle JinnKid has created a series of shorts called "Skyrim IRL," where he acts out the game's shoddy NPC mechanics, and they are hysterical.

JinnKid began posting the clips late last year, and the second one he put up went viral. For the new year, he posted a compilation of his mini skits on YouTube (above), and so far, the video has racked up over 1.6 million views in just a month and a half.

Whether you are a diehard fan of Skyrim or not, JinnKid's 10-minute compilation is worthy of a watch, which is why we are featuring it in Found. Leave it to Bethesda to become the butt of yet another joke.

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