In brief: Netflix on Monday announced a new feature that'll share the top 10 most popular movies and TV shows with users. In addition to revealing what is currently in the zeitgeist, the lists could help some users cope with Netflix's dizzying array of content.

The new top 10 row will be updated daily and reveal what is popular in your country. The row's position will vary depending on "how relevant the shows and films are to you," we're told.

In addition to an overall top 10 list, subscribers will also have access to individual lists for TV shows and movies when clicking on the respective tabs.

Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation for Netflix, said shows and films that make these lists will receive a special "Top 10" badge, making it even easier to see what is in the zeitgeist, regardless of whether you are browsing by category or through your personal list.

The lists should also help users find something to watch without wasting so much time combing through Netflix's seemingly endless sea of content (excess content isn't a bad problem to have, mind you, but the vast array of options can cut down on engagement time for some).

The streaming video giant tested the feature in Mexico and the UK for more than six months and said subscribers in both countries found the lists useful.

Netflix has historically kept viewership numbers close to the vest, a move that hasn't sat well with those in the TV and film industry. The new top 10 lists represent another step towards transparency.

Masthead credit: Netflix by sitthiphong