Why it matters: For some odd reason, Microsoft chose not to carry over the small convenience of letting gamers pop out their discs from their console using a controller, back when the Xbox One launched seven years ago. The feature does help with system accessibility and is useful in case of a malfunctioning eject button for players who routinely swap game/media discs.

Gaming consoles are pretty much limited in terms of user modification (besides upgrading storage), so it makes sense for companies to make them as user-friendly as possible, given that the final product would likely be spending years on a TV shelf or someplace similar.

One of the features baked-in for this usability is allowing remote disc ejection via the console's controller, a function that's present on Sony's PS4 and will soon be returning to Microsoft's current Xbox console line-up, excluding, of course, the One S digital edition which comes without an optical disc drive.

The eject option was shared by an Xbox Insider on Reddit, and it now works by pressing the controller's 'X' button, as opposed to 'Y' used for the Xbox 360. While it may not mean much to those of a digital disposition, users reportedly requested the feature because of the Xbox One's eject button that's prone to damage after several years of use.

Microsoft also has existing workarounds for manually ejecting a disc, including bypassing the dedicated button with a paper clip. However, being able to do so with a controller is certainly more convenient, even if the subsequent steps of removing the ejected disc and slotting in another requires one to get off the couch.