In brief: The best ideas in life aren't necessarily the most complex. The Level Up, a simple yet clever solution to a common problem facing board game players, has proven that with more than $1 million in pledges on Kickstarter.

The Level Up is little more than a raised platform for your board games - or as creator Spidermind Games calls it, a "tabletop extension" that elevates the playing surface by six inches. The idea is to free up valuable real estate on your table for things like character sheets, game pieces, tokens, drinks, snacks and so on.

The platform is lightweight and portable, comprised of interlocking tiles that assemble in seconds and metal legs for added durability. Level Up is customizable, too, so you can scale the surface to your needs.

Those interested in backing the campaign should act quick as there are less than 20 hours to go as of this writing. A pledge of £48, or around $62, will get your name in the hat for a Level Up and a canvas carrying bag at a 40 percent discount (sorry, all of the early bird slots with an even greater discount have been spoken for). That could be a little more than the casual board game player might want to invest but for enthusiasts, it's far cheaper than a custom table, that's for sure.

The first units are expected to be delivered in September.