Why it matters: There are few companies out there that can ignite an entire community quite the way Rockstar can. The game publisher operates in a notoriously hushed manner, rarely even engaging with fans. So when the company does make a move, it tends to get everyone's attention.

Case in point: as spotted by GamesRadar and the Reddit community, Rockstar has debuted two new logos. One could attempt to talk this away as a simple brand refresh, a supposition that does have some merit. However, it seems deeper than that.

The first logo surfaced on the Rockstar website as a background for the side bar. The background depicted a female robot getting awfully comfortable with the familiar Rockstar "R*" logo, PC Gamer has a screenshot. Then, and perhaps more importantly, new artwork surfaced with a cryptic series of patterns and messages.

"Killing dreams, murdering people, fighting the righteous, bullying the weak" can be gleaned from the new artwork. Additionally, "Why don't you tell me what went wrong?" can be seen towards the right side of the image.

This has sent fans into a speculative frenzy. Everything from GTA 6 to Bully 2 has been offered up as a theory. Some redditors are even suggesting a new IP with a sci-fi backdrop, thanks to all the hype from Cyberpunkk 2077 and smaller successes like The Outer Worlds.

Then again, Rockstar has always had an affinity for somewhat eclectic artwork. It could all be nothing. Though, Rockstar making major announcements after seemingly trivial changes isn't without example. Rockstar teased Red Dead Redemption 2 by simply changing its social media photo. Being as we are on the precipice of a new console generation, it isn't far fetched to imagine Rockstar has something up its sleeve for new consoles.

Chances are we won't have to wait long to find out what, if anything, is going on over at Rockstar.