What just happened? Remedy Entertainment on Twitter this week shared a teaser for its first of two planned expansions for Control, the August 2019 action-adventure game that delves deep into the paranormal.

This first bit of DLC, dubbed The Foundation, is scheduled to arrive on March 26. In true teaser fashion, the 21-second clip doesn't reveal much. We hear protagonist Jesse Faden mention that Helen Marshall, head of operations at the Federal Bureau of Control, has been missing for a while now. Presumably, Faden is going to search for Marshall in the Oldest House (the FBC's headquarters).

The next expansion pack, AWE (short for Altered World Events), is on track to arrive sometime later this year. Even more intriguing than The Foundation, many fans believe it could somehow be related to an Alan Wake crossover (Remedy dropped Alan Wake way back in 2010, if you recall). Maybe AWE stands for Alan Wake Experience?

Speaking of Alan Wake, the classic disappeared from digital stores for more than a year due to music licensing issues. Fortunately, that all got worked out and the game is once again available on platforms like Steam.

There's also evidence of a tie-in with Quantum Break. Geez, how deep does this rabbit hole go?

Personally, I'm all for games that operate in the same universe, especially if they cross paths years later and were totally unexpected.

According to EuroGamer, the expansion will be available to purchase separately or as part of Control's season pass for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and via the Epic Games Store.