What just happened? More free ways of passing the time is something we all could appreciate right now. Thankfully, the Epic Games Store is here to help. As it does every seven days, the platform is giving away two games. This week, it's Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable.

Watch Dogs got a lot of attention when it released on the PC back in 2014, but most of this was for the game-breaking bugs and how different it looked from its E3 demo. Once the issues were finally sorted, we were left with a good game. While protagonist Aiden Pearce is a forgettable personality vacuum, the GTA-mixed-with-hacking gameplay is fun.

The other free game is The Stanley Parable, a first-person exploration title from 2013. It's very short, but you'll find yourself replaying it multiple times to see and do everything, as you decide whether to follow the narrator's instructions or disobey them. It's an excellent game that was praised by critics and gamers alike on its release.

Watch Dogs is currently $7.49 on Steam, while the Stanley Parable is $14.99, so you're saving over $20 by grabbing both, and they'll keep you occupied for plenty of hours.

You'll need an Epic account, which is free, to get the games. They can be downloaded through a browser or the Epic Games Launcher that's used to play titles from your library.

If you're looking for other freebies, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is free to play from now up until Sunday, March 22. All progress made during the trial carries over to the full game, which is currently discounted by up to 75 percent.