In brief: As the Covid-19 pandemic sets in, healthcare workers on the front lines are facing massive shortages of protective gear such as N95 face masks and gloves, thanks to a panic stricken public buying such items up. Suppliers have had trouble meeting demand, and the Covid-19 pandemic has plagued logistics and supply chains as well, leaving hospitals with little to nothing in the interim. Companies have begun stepping in to help, with Intel being the latest.

Intel announced that it would source and donate one million items of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and massive shortages that global healthcare workers are facing.

"We will donate masks, gloves, face shields and other gear that we have sourced from our factory stock and emergency supplies, and we'll continue to look for additional sources of personal protective equipment that we can source and donate as quickly as possible to meet our commitment of more than a million items," said Todd Brady, Intel's director of Global Public Affairs.

This includes Intel looting its own supply of PPE in its factories across Israel, Arizona, Oregon and New Mexico. The Santa Clara chipmaker already pledged a $1 million donation to the International Red Cross to support global relief efforts regarding Covid-19. Intel stated that it will continue to work with local health authorities to determine where its future donations will be of the most use.

Recently, Razer announced it would alter some if its production lines to manufacture and donate up to one million face masks, with the first batch going to local healthcare workers in Singapore.

Image credit: Sherry Yates Young