What just happened? Mixer, the Seattle-based livestreaming platform owned by Microsoft, has reportedly gifted all of its partner-status members $100 as a show of support during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Now, some are wondering if Twitch will be the next to do something similar for its partners.

Microsoft hasn't made any mention of the donations on its official Mixer blog or on social media accounts as of this writing. Rather, it's the Mixer partners themselves that have been talking about the gift publicly. Several have expressed their gratitude on Twitter with others sharing their plans for the unexpected windfall.

Some vowed to pay it forward and donate the money to other streamers while others intended to treat themselves.

Granted, $100 probably isn't going to make or break most people, it's the thought that counts. Microsoft / Mixer was under no obligation to do what it did and who knows, for some partners, it could make a world of difference, especially during a time of so much uncertainty.

Naturally, some are wondering if Amazon-owned Twitch will make a similar offering to streamers on its platform. Thus far, there's nothing to indicate that is going to happen but like its rival, Amazon certainly has the financial backing to make it happen should it choose to do so.

Masthead credit: Konstantin Savusia