Rumor mill: If you're not a fan of notches or hole punches appearing on smartphones, you might like Samsung's next Galaxy S handset, which could be the first phone to use an under-screen selfie camera.

We've been hearing about Samsung's plans to kill off the notch by placing a myriad of sensors under its phones' screens since 2018. Now, renowned leaker Ice Universe claims the company is considering implementing an under-screen camera in next year's Galaxy S handset. Some believe the device will be called the S30, though Ice Universe says it'll be the S21, which seems more likely, given it matches the year.

There had been rumors that the under-screen selfie cam would debut in the Galaxy Note 20 that launches later this year, but it seems Samsung isn't ready to reveal the technology in 2020. It was a similar story with the in-display fingerprint reader tech: despite rumors of its imminent arrival stretching back several phone generations, Samsung held back from adding the feature to its handsets up until the Galaxy S10.

Even if the Galaxy S21/30 does have an under-screen camera, it might not be the first phone to use the system. Back in June last year, both Oppo and Xiaomi posted videos of their in-display selfie cams. The firms later released more information about their versions; they use a highly transparent material along with a redesigned pixel structure above the camera, which allows light through.

Should the next Galaxy S feature an under-screen camera, it's likely that other Android developers will eventually follow suit, and it could give Samsung an edge over Apple's iPhones.

Image credit: Framesira via Shutterstock