In brief: The Windows 10 Your Phone app continues to gain useful abilities, even if most of them only benefit Samsung Galaxy users for now. The latest addition to that exclusive list of features is wireless file drag and drop that Microsoft recently made available to the Windows Insider community, with a public release to follow soon in a future update.

Microsoft partnered with Samsung to enhance the PC-mobile connectivity experience by adding RCS support to its Your Phone app earlier this year. Now Samsung users can look forward to wireless file transfers between their phone and PC, thanks to the feature being added in a Windows Insider update.

The company hasn't stated the exact Samsung models that are compatible with the new feature but notes that devices running Link to Windows (v1.5 or higher) and on the same Wi-Fi network as the PC should be good to go.

In terms of file limitations, users can drag and drop all file types, apart from folders, and can do so for 100 items at a time. Additionally, each item cannot be larger than 512MB, so don't expect to copy stuff like big photo albums or HD movies.

Microsoft also says that only Samsung's default Gallery and My Files app can be used when wirelessly transferring content from phone to PC and users doing it the other way round should drag their PC files to their phone screen in the Your Phone app to begin the transfer.

Files sent to the phone can be found in the Internal Storage>Downloads folder and users should also be careful in minimizing the Your Phone PC app, as doing so in the middle of a file transfer will cancel the process.