In brief: Gamers that hoped at least one major gaming convention would be free from the grasp of Covid-19 received some disappointing news today. Germany's Gamescom 2020 will not be taking place as usual -- indeed, for all intents and purposes, the physical event has effectively been canceled.

While the future of the annual Germany-based event has been uncertain for a while, it was tentatively set to move forward in August as planned, with organizers hoping the Covid-19 pandemic would be stabilized by then. Unfortunately, as Germany extends its nationwide ban on all major events and gatherings through August, Gamescom's leadership team has realized that "business as usual" is no longer the appropriate strategy.

The official Gamescom Twitter account today announced that, due to Covid-19 complications and Germany's extended event ban, Gamescom 2020 will "definitely" be taking place in the digital realm. What exactly this will mean is unknown.

However, organizers promise that further information will come "shortly," though no specific ETA was given. Of course, there's still four more months until August, so event staff members have plenty of time to come up with a solid plan and reveal it to the world.

Nonetheless, we're sure this news will be saddening for some. We know many gamers often spend months saving up for the expenses associated with traveling to events like Gamescom. Still, right now, the health and safety of would-be attendees and staff must take precedence.

We will update you if any more news on Gamescom's future comes to light, but also be sure to stay tuned to the official event website for the latest announcements.