Forward-looking: Nvidia will commence the leading keynote of their annual Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) on May 14. A "get amped" byline suggests the inclusion of the long-rumored Ampere architecture, which will power a new generation of GPUs.

The keynote – delivered, presumably, to an empty room – will be led by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, pictured above. It will cover the "latest innovations in AI, high-performance computing, data science, autonomous machines, healthcare and graphics." Every field Nvidia is involved in except for gaming. Whether that's them just trying to be subtle or not is unknown, but it needs to be said: they may or may not explicitly detail new gaming GPUs.

Even if Nvidia's primary focus isn't gamers, the keynote will be worth being amped up about. AI and high-performance compute paired with the new Ampere architecture means new Tesla or Quadro GPUs. Per a recent, online leak the next Tesla card is an 8000+ core goliath. It would be the most powerful GPU yet. (By the way, that's probably more cores than will be included in consumer hardware.)

The keynote will begin at the ungodly hour of 6 AM PT on a Thursday (9 AM ET, 1 PM GMT). I'd like to point out that in previous years when the presentation hasn't been pre-recorded (it will be this year), they scheduled the event for 8 PM (2019) or 9 AM (2018). You know, times when people are actually awake. Nevertheless, TechSpot reporters willing to get up early (not me) or able to use time zone trickery will cover the event. Further, the keynote stream will be available here as soon as it's live, and on YouTube, too.