Rumor mill: LG has yet to introduce a proper dual-screen phone built on a single chassis, and if reports from Korea are to be believed, the company is currently experimenting with an interesting dual-screen design that utilizes a swiveling display on top of a secondary smaller screen.

Unlike Samsung and Huawei, LG didn't come up with a folding design for its take on dual-screen smartphones. The company's G8X ThinQ and the more recently announced Velvet use a secondary display attachment that draws CPU and battery power from the main phone.

Despite the rather basic approach, LG's idea is effective and one that avoids all the hardware niggles faced by its competitors' first-gen foldables. Now though, a new report from the Korean Herald reveals that the company is working on a dual-screen device with a 6.8-inch main display that can be rotated sideways to reveal a 4-inch 1:1 secondary screen.

In this position, the T-shaped phone is said to form/spread its wings, hence the 'Wing' codename. LG touts increased content immersion with this form-factor as the user can have a photo app display content on the main screen and editing controls on the secondary or have a video running on top while browsing related info on the smaller screen. It could also benefit mobile gaming by separating content and inputs on the two displays.

What's known in terms of specs is that the phone will reportedly use a mid-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series chip, support 5G and carry a triple camera setup on the back with a 64MP main shooter.

With its overlaying displays, the LG Wing could end up being nearly as thick as existing foldables. Its price, however, is said to be a much more reasonable KRW 1 million (~$817) when it comes out in the second half of this year.

Image credit: ETNews