In brief: At just over 5 pounds (~2.3kg), Origin's 17-inch laptops are packing powerful internals in thin but sizable shells. There's no AMD Ryzen in sight, but an 8-core H-series Intel chip paired with an Nvidia RTX 2070 or 2080 Super does make for a respectable combo on these models, both of which start at around $2,000.

In terms of hardware and design, the new EVO17-S and NT-17 laptops are pretty much identical, with the only difference being their target audience. The EVO17-S is being marketed as a gaming laptop, while the NT-17 is given the 'workstation' label and is intended for business use.

This makes for a simpler spec-sheet across both models that consists of three display options: 1080p@144Hz, 1080P@240Hz and a 60Hz@4K panel with Adobe 100% RGB coverage. There is only one CPU option available, which is an 8-core Intel i7-10875H, while GPU options are limited to either an RTX 2070 Max-Q or an RTX 2080 Super Max-Q.

Origin is advertising RAM support of up to 64GB, but its online configurator is currently maxing out at 32GB with either Corsair's or Kingston's 2666MHz 2x16GB sticks. Storage options, meanwhile, are available from Samsung and Corsair in NVMe and m.2 SATA flavor and go up to 4TB with Samsung's 2TB 970 EVO Plus in RAID 0.

Apart from the I/O noted above, both laptops also feature a single Thunderbolt 3 port on the rear, alongside a Mini DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI out, and a power jack for the 180W AC adapter. Both laptops also pack a 73Wh battery - rated for 9 hours - and are now available to buy on Origin's website.